a camp for Girls Who SLAY


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Client: Adriana Adele and Roots 2 Rise


My dear friend, Adriana, is one powerful lady. She's a yoga teacher and mentor as well as an activist and self-care specialist. Adriana hosts SPACE as well as this upcoming *free* yoga camp for girls in North Philly. It's always so much fun working with her as I not only get to create fun work but it the purpose has heart.  
The process was similar to the project I created for SPACE. I began with a brush and some non-waterproof Higgins Ink. Detail and texture was added with a Micron pen and then off to scanning. The watercolor wash was also done by hand and manipulated digitally to have more color and a neon feel. The goal was to create a dynamic and youthful graphic. I added the text in Adobe Illustrator and played with shadows and dotted strokes.